My Prayer for Your Congregation

my-prayer-imageI have been singing in churches since I was 13 years old. But like a lot of young girls who grew up with faith, I still had more than my share of insecurities and challenges. Chasing bad choices with men and dangerous behaviors left me feeling empty, alone, and totally unstable.

By the age of 24 I'd had 19 jobs in 10 different cities. It wasn't until I decided to fully devote my time and talents to the Lord that I found my true purpose.

I dare say that many of the young women in your congregation (married and unmarried) are searching for the same peace. My story and music ministry is a testament to that sensibility.

My prayer for your congregation is that my music will inspire these women & uplift them so they realize God is ready to use them for His purpose.

My own story is proof that God is still performing miracles in our lives. We just need to listen and wait. When we wait on God's timing and make Him the arbiter of every decision, He will make our purpose known. In fact, He will shout it so loud so that everyone can be blessed.


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